Speak To Me (single)

by Menteur

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all sounds were recorded using a homemade binaural recording setup. binaural recording utilizes a headshaped object in order to record in a way that mimics actual human hearing. because of this, when you listen to these recordings with headphones, you can actually hear in front of you and behind you, instead of just left and right.
all guitar tracks were originally recorded into a 4 track cassette recorder and then placed and rerecorded around the binaural head.
all of this being said, please use headphones for the full effect.

note: due to the nature of binaural recording, mastering may dull the special effect of the technique. the mastered version will sound better through laptop and car speakers, more like a typical rock song. the unmastered version is better for headphones in a quiet room, where you can hear more of the full effect. the effect is still present in the mastered version, just might not be as clear.


released June 22, 2014

speak to me by menteur

recorded spring 2013, mastered summer 2014

recorded mixed, mastered, produced by carter fourqurean

drums played by kevin church, and many special thanks are deserved
extra guitar tracks played by wesley graham, and many thanks are also deserved
none of this recording wouldve been possible without mark robinson and jesse moorefield, and their guidance and wisdom is unparalleled.




Menteur Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Less of a band, more of an art project - Menteur is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation. Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound.
Currently Menteur consists of 36 performers.
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