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This album is very important to me. I feel like most of the work in this project was not really "music", but more like tonal sound. I feel like with this album, we have finally merged into music, while still keeping some of the stripped down elemental noise that the previous work has.

This album was recorded live in one take, in very dark lighting, in a very hot room, at very high volumes. The only lights were spinning multicolored LED lights (which have mysteriously gone missing in the packing up process after the album was recorded), and the room was sealed off from the rest of the house. It was as if we entered a void when we went in.

This album is entitled "Animalistic" because, for me at least, I felt like I transformed during the recording process. The vocals are visceral and the music reaches almost ritualistic feelings. It felt like we had all become animals locked in a sound chamber.

Largely the point of these albums is the experience that occurs in the creation. Just the fact that the people that played together at the same time in the same place is somewhat magical. And then to force them all to push their comfort zones and see what happens is even more of a phenomenon.

Since the album was designed as a unique experience for the musicians, is was recorded binaurally, like most of our other material, to enable a unique experience for the listener. Binaural recording enables the listener to hear a true field of hearing, such as in front of them and behind them, creating an almost 3D sound field. Basically, we live mixed our space effects in realistic surround sound, so if you wear headphones, it feels like you were standing in that dark sweaty room with us.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for your support. I love you. We all love you.


released August 12, 2014

"Animalistic" by Menteur, 2014

Luke Murray - Drums
Ogede Ode - Nylon String Guitar, Ableton Live, Trombone
Trevor Overman - Computer, Ambient Percussives, Vocals
Jason Wolonick - Trumpet, Percussion, Vocals
Sam Brown - Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Synths, Trumpet, Vocals
Corey Bax - Electric Guitar
Carter Fourqurean - Bass, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Steel String Guitar, Korg Monotron Delay Synth, 4 Track Cassette Deck, Auxiliary Percussion, Looping, Vocals

Recorded and Mixed Binaurally via Frank Head and Carter Fourqurean, with special thanks to Jesse Moorefield and Mark Robinson in the creation of Frank.

Produced by Carter Fourqurean




Menteur Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Less of a band, more of an art project - Menteur is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation. Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound.
Currently Menteur consists of 36 performers.
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