by Menteur

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It has taken me a long time to write this, because it hurts me very much to do so.

Truly, this feels like the first real MENTEUR album, but in actuality, it is probably the last.

MENTEUR was supposed to be more than a band, we were an unstoppable force. We wanted to be art in essence, raw and in your face. We wanted to prove that art is everything and everywhere if only you allow yourself to be able and open to it. Music is just noise, noise makes music, so music is everywhere. If music can be anything than anyone, anywhere can be in a band. A band can be more than musicians, because performance art groups can perform just as well in galleries as they can in venues or even on the street corner. And so that's what we did. We took up trash cans and beer kegs and noisemakers and took the to streets. We gave amplified instruments and loud clanking objects to children and just waited to see what happened. We stood in a room full of strangers and forced them to make music with each other just to see how it felt. We made raucous noise and called it music and rolled on the ground and called it dancing and smeared pant on paper and called it art and it was BEAUTIFUL.

I don't really know what happened. I guess I haven't been doing well recently. Samantha left the project, and left me as well. We loved each other very much, and I still do, but we weren't right for each other, and it hurt. I'm currently at home to be closer to my family while I try to get better. Sam, if you see this, please know that I will always love you. I miss you still. I would always love to hear from you. I truly hope you are happy.

I miss my friends. I miss my family. I miss my music. I miss myself.

If you are reading this, I love you very much. Truly, I love you and I have a special place in my heart for you, because you are keeping me going right now.

I will try to be better. Thank you for the continual support. Thank you for everything.

Maybe I'll be back again, someday.



released June 21, 2016

"Mobilize" by Menteur

recorded at The Cave, Nice Price Books, The Carrack, The Shed, Creeks Edge, Hill Hall, The Pinhook, The Local 506, and more.

mixed and mastered in binaural sound

we will always love you


this is the end

carter fourqurean
sam reeves
ian kanar
priyank patel
philippe blanchette
aaron bond
chris pendergrass
sam brown
corey bax
charlie smith
ernest thompson
bert ladd
chase dubois
trey howie
scott donnell
nate dierk
nate wagner
tyler billman
nate billman
alex thompson
peter vance
vallari eastman
saman khoujinian
gabriel reynolds
gabriel anderson
matt philipps
zach corsa
alphonse nicholson
jake waits
jason wolonick
trevor overman
morgan emsenn sennhauser
james waugh
luke murray
john reardon
jeff hymes
andrew jones
erin sands
madeline hurley
shannon kelley
heather seaman
mary lawless
dylan turner
pj eckerd
george godsmark
max puhala
will futch
kevin church
demitri mclcain
danny abrams
matthew booth
zach gossett
and more

dedicated to everyone that made this experiment the incredible journey that it was, and to everyone that keeps it alive all the time.

special thanks to iwtcs from dublin, mic finger, ben machlin, slit of infondo from the uk, asenchi, peter tanuwidjaja from singapore, jaroslav horvat, audrey wheeler, jon 'sunshine' angel, dusty, john, boylan, alex, fred, devon, jason citty, hot kevin, francis, sara, drew, connor, nathan, johnny wong, eva, alyssa, chase dubois, sere jazz, sean fitzpatrick, moses nose, liquid tongue, world surfer 54, theothermaninblack, mikewhitepresents, alyson, jessica brown, marc sears, daniel ridgeway, wynton, marc connor, nathan price, grayson currin, saman, kristin hill, shannon kelly, amanda lewis, carrboro music store, open eye cafe, blind tiger, missy, kristine, alex thompson, jake waits, peter vance, happy abandon, omar mccallop, john custer, the 'best of bandcamp' blog, headfi binaural forums, reddit, all the binaural junkies, adam hochberg, wesley graham, fred godsmark, rj ellis, bart, brian, josh, george godsmark, mike santos, eric dimarzio, rushi, kati, ian, will, matthew bond, joe crawford, grishma, val, samantha, charlie smith, corey bax, ernest thompson, daniel perry, steven mooneyhan, sarah schmader, paul, andy, xander, rob, alexandracsws, rasmus doramus, kevin church, james stewart, brandon mayfield, carl becker, giuli, tj, kagan, scott, sam, parco, amy jackson, sheena, leah, lauren, jeff hymes, mary koenig, nick johnson, nate wagner, emily pate, zach corsa, denny corsa, chris pendergrass, zach gossett, cam cook, matt phillips, danny abrams, ellis dyson, matt hall, adam maloney, ford gerard, mary lawless, allison turi, james carpenter, mike jones, duper, peter, kyle moye, butch, mark robinson, ed rankus, jesse, francesca, richard cante, andrew green, andrew jones, kerri kearse, rachel garner, jordan imbrey, jocelyn jia, jenina, jenn chau, ava tao, mark perry, carlos ocampo, alonso velarda, caitlin wall, daniela ocampo, zane, andrew, nate spain, christian adams, alli engel, hannah, lane, rachel erickson, dina shehata, amira, everyone involved in the menteur music group, john debra and ali fourqurean, robbie, virginia, tessa, marisa, emily, blaire, kaykay, johnny, weezy, granny, grandma, popo, aunt jean, uncle steve, matt antonicello, michael morton, david whitney, summer whitaker, reid wellington, reid drake, joao, fillip, vincent, kyle, mr washington, bernsten bears, trip hill, josh thomas, alex foxworth, morgan benshoff, morgan duhan, bmoney, birkett, ms mooney, kimbrough, ms mclurkin, joan baer, and tic tac, and many many many many many more.



all rights reserved


Menteur Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Less of a band, more of an art project - Menteur is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation. Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound.
Currently Menteur consists of 36 performers.
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Track Name: What We Could Have Been
(zoom in, turn up)

Right in the middle of the night,
it happened to be two o' clock in the morning,
the telephone rang,
and I hit the ceiling.

I'm a very light sleeper,
and to hear a telephone at that time of the night,
knowing that we hadn't given the number to anyone,
really startled me.

But I picked it up
and it was Jonathan's voice!

"Dad! Jonathan, here!
It's alright!
Everything's fine!"

Two o' clock in the morning!

"Why on earth did you call this time in the morning?"

and then came some of the sweetest sweetest news ever.

(silence, silence)

Now that was thrilling news,
because a soul had been saved!

(so it goes)

Are you accessible to your children?
Secondly, are you available?

Are you available?


At any moment?
At any time?

(no response)

You're in serious trouble.

(quiet acknowledgement)

You're in serious trouble.

(somber understanding)

And now they're almost ready to leave the home,
are you going with them?!

(say nothing and they will leave you)

By choice?!

(ghosts are in the house)

Parents must be responsible for the protection of their children.
Secondly, parents must be responsible for the correction of their children.

There is a place for correction in the bringing up of children.

The BIBLE expressly states

"He who spares his rod hates his son,
but he who loves him disciplines him diligently!"

Whether the punishment is verbal,
or corporal,
It must not be spared
when it's needed.

No correction should be unexplained or unjustifiable.

The child must begin to understand that whom the LORD loves,
he disciplines.

whom the parent loves,
he disciplines.

of course,
correction must have a helpful,
and purposeful end in due.

(if everything is loud no one can hear me cry)

I thank god for a father who knew how to correct his son.

(power down, tap out)
Track Name: Strangers With Pots and Pans
We love you.