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This album feels so unreal to me. It's a blessing, truly, to be able to do something like this. I mean, this project feels unreal to me. Menteur started as a concept that anything and everything is art, and art is void of restriction or predetermination. So because of this, anyone can make art. So then what confines a band to it's normal context?
In short, Menteur is an ever expanding group of musicians, artists, performers, technicians, and enthusiasts that collaborate to create art that is totally spontaneous and in the moment. The only rule is that there are no rules. We take this very seriously. Nothing is pre-written or planned beforehand. Because of the nature of the project, every performance, recording, and painting is different and unique to its experience.
So this album follows those rules precisely. With over a dozen musicians and painters and performers, we stormed The Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and filled it to max capacity. Three full drum kits, light design, and painters all added to the crowded chaos of the night. Frank Head the Binaural Recorder was our frontman, and with headphones it should sound like you are in the performance space with the band.
I'm not sure what else to say other than this album was an incredible experience for me, and a show that I will never forget as long as I live. I cannot thank everyone enough for their continual support and involvement in this project, it honestly swells my heart. A million thank yous, a million I love yous.


released November 18, 2014

"Kavernous" by Menteur, 2014

This album is dedicated to Morgan "Emsenn" Sennhauser, who is a good friend and even better person, and we all hold him very dear to our hearts. Since he couldn't be at the performance, Frank held his place as surrogate frontman.

Performed live at The Cave in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Samantha Reeves - Artistic Director, Painter
Erin Sands - Painter, Performer
Andrew Jones - Technical Direction and Light Design
Madeline Hurley - Technical Supervision and Lighting Assistant
Priyank Patel - Videography Supervisor, Cinematographer
Shannon Kelly - Videographer and Cinematographer
Aaron Bond - Saxophone, Synth, Vocals
Philippe Blanchette - Electric Guitar
Jason Wolonick - Trumpet, Vocals, Percussion
John Reardon - Electric Guitar, Cello, Percussion, Djembe
Tyler Billman - Electric Guitar
Corey Bax - Electric Guitar
Matt Phillips - Percussion
Sam Brown - Synths, Sitar, Rajasthani Gypsy Bells, Megaphone
Chase Dubois - Stage Right Drum Kit
Scott Donnell - Stage Center Drum Kit
Trey Howie - Stage Left Drum Kit
Carter Fourqurean - Bass, Vocals, Kaoss Pad, Kaossilator, Monotron

Recorded and Mixed Binaurally by Frank Head

Special Thanks:
Saman Khoujinian and his sounds with Turkish Gold Standard. Also to Gabriel Reynolds, Jeff Hymes, and Phil Hamilton, because they are also all beautiful people.
Sam Brown and his band and music, for their performance.
The Famous Slip Slams, including Brandon Creech and Braxton Clapp, as well as Scott Donnell, for their incredible set.
Missy Biggers, for her constant support of the project and music community of the area.
Nick White, Jake Waits, and Peter Vance, of Bears in the CIty for their support. Brady Lawrence and crew for their support. Paul Davis that's looking at you too, bub. To Mary Lawless, Alex Dempsey, and Sean Monohan, for their support and encouragement. Safwe Fiore and friends, for their kind words and support. To Tyler Billman, who ran from another show that he was playing to see the performance. To Mr. and Mrs. Bax, who stayed the whole performance despite the long drive home. To James Carpenter, for his constant friendship and support. To Danny Abrams, who is a blessed soul.
To John and Debra Fourqurean, and Ali Fourqurean, because Carter loves them.
To Mark Robinson and Jesse Moorefield, for their guidance and support through Carter's education, and of course without them this recording would not be possible. Thanks for the assistance in bringing Frank to life. And to Wesley Graham.
A definite thanks to Rob at The Cave, the soundman who had the nightmare of watching us.
To Stephen Mooneyhan, for booking the show, and for his friendship and support.
A Massive thanks to Alex Ullman, who put the performance on his lecture's list of extra credit concerts. That was the coolest thing.
A special thanks to Dr. John Brackett, for allowing students to write papers on the performance, despite his reputation for being a total jerk.
A special thanks to the other menteur group members that could not be there - Chris Pendergrass, Ernest Thompson, Kevin Church, Matthew Booth, George Godsmark, Will Futch, Max Puhala, and Nate Dierk. We love you and will see you next time.
If anyone was forgotten at all then please let us know. We love everyone forever and always.

Produced by Carter Fourqurean




Menteur Chapel Hill, North Carolina

Less of a band, more of an art project - Menteur is a performance collective that incorporates paint, light design, and crowd participation. Menteur was founded by Carter Fourqurean and Sam Reeves, inspired by recording sessions where Carter would create sounds and textures with loopers and cassette recorders while Sam would paint to the sound.
Currently Menteur consists of 36 performers.
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